We are excited to announce the workshops for the 2012 NCHDHH conference!

Note:  The list and workshop schedule will be finalized in June, 2012. Click here to view the list of workshops in the PDF file.

ABCs of Community Organization and Development Mark Apodaca
ADA: Important Facts to Be an Effective Advocate Alma Bebee & Randi Turner
Advocacy and Persuasion Alma Bebee & Randi Turner
ASL Videos of “Surviving Disaster: How Texans Prepare” Ann Horn & John Villarreal
Basic Linguistics for Daily ASL Larry Gray
Contextual Issues of Deaf Guatemalan Immigrant Adults’ Signed Languages Learning Experience Dr. Lewis S. Lummer
Critical Race Theory in Deaf Education Carla García-Fernández
Deaf & Hispano: Equal Under the Law Howard A. Rosenblum
Deaf Xicanism@: Radical Community Visions Elena M. Ruiz
“Deaf World” Latina/o Kids and Children of Deaf Adults: Alternative Experiences and Perspectives on Identity, Heritage, Language, and Culture Paola Morales, Sherry Hicks, & Gina Gonzales
Education & How to Start Business Iris Nelia Aranda
Ethnic Studies Matter Rogelio Fernández, Jr
Giving Back to Community: The Journey of a Deaf Peace Corps Volunteer Norma Y. Morán
History of Lengua Senas de Mexicana (LSM) Al Jimenez & Leticia Arellano
Intersectional Identities of Mexican Deaf Students in Deaf Education Carla García-Fernández
Introducing si5s: ASL writing as model for other sign languages Robert Arnold & Gabriel Arellano
Language Brokering and Cognitive Processing Skills of Bilingual Students in ASL/Interpreter Education Programs Diana MacDougall, Mary Mooney, Lorena Ramirez & Sandra Bartiromo
Latin America’s Brown Gold: CHOCOLATE Vernon McNece
Latinidad: Intersecting Experiences for Latina Women Elena M. Ruiz
Latino Parents and their cultural transmission “Llenos de Gracia” Luz Adames
Minority Parents as Cultural Mediators for Education: Deaf Parents Mentoring Hearing Parents of Deaf Children Lynda Myers & Pat Hulsebosch
Narratives from Deaf Latinos/as: Educational Linguistic and Cultural Considerations Carla García-Fernández & David Quinto-Pozos
NCIEC Deaf Self-Advocacy Training Alma Beebee & Corina Gutierrez
Que es la Violencia Domestic? Jeannie Rodriguez
Resources and Educational Opportunities: Closer Than You Think! Arlene Garcia-Gunderson
Self-Empowerment on Communication Access Alma Bebee & Brian Determan
Sign Language Literacy: Becoming Global Deaf Citizens Rachel Mazique
Spanish VRS: What Every Deaf Caller Needs To Know Edwin Cancel
The DOOR to Hiring and Advancing People with Disabilities in the Federal Government Crystal Williams
The Growing Deaf Latino since 1970’s Jose Ovidio Velasquez
What You Need to Now about Your Family Roots Mark Apodaca

The TLCDHH TeamMil gracias

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