Know Your Rights: Questions and Answers and Information about Preparing In Case of Emergencies #HereToStay

YouTube link: #HereToStay

DISCLAIMER: THIS QA session was held in Texas and please keep in mind some states may have different laws.

English transcript is in the comments below.

Spanish transcript coming soon. (Deep apologies for no Spanish access.)

LINK to list of immigration attorneys:…/02/Attorney-List-.pdf
LINK to list of legal services:…/uploads/2017/…/Referral-List.pdf
LINK to Emergency Plan PDF (english and esp?nol):…/2…/02/Information-and-Emergency-Plan.pdf

[Video description: the video is in black and white. Carla is a Chicana wearing a black shirt. Lisa and Rogelio is sitting next to each other. Lisa is a light-skinned Chicana wearing a black shirt and Rogelio is wearing a black shirt.]

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